Prices and Promotions at Jade Mountain – St Lucia

Prices & Promotions

Shown below are the nightly ‘to’ and ‘from’ prices by room type for 2018. The rates are quoted in US dollars and are per room exclusive of 20% tax and service. For guests wishing to include breakfast & dinner please add $100 & $180 for all-inclusive per person per day exclusive of 20% tax and service (Mandatory breakfast & dinner charge applies 20 Dec – 2 Jan).

Nightly rates:

SKY Suite – from $1,110 to $1,480
STAR Sanctuary – from $1,540 to $2,050
MOON Sanctuary – from $1,855 to $2,370
SUN Sanctuary – from $2,215 to $2,750
GALAXY Sanctuary – from $2,730 – $3,280


Complimentary nights may apply dependent on room type, length and time of stay.
Conditions apply, please call for specific detail
Complimentary Meal Plan Upgrade. For stays of 3 nights or more and completed by 31 October 2018, guests booking breakfast plan will receive complimentary all inclusive (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and all drinks by the glass excluding Champagne and top shelf liquors). Please call for specific detail

No children under the age of 15 are allowed into Jade Mountain at any time